Who is Chubby Dog?

Chubby Dog Coffee Co. is a coffee roaster and café owned and operated by pet lovers!  We're on a mission to roast amazing, great tasting coffee for everyone!  Whether you're a casual drinker, or the type of person that literally needs coffee just to even function as an adult human being, Chubby Dog Coffee Co. is here to create that perfect cup without that snobbish, pretentious "fancy" coffee house attitude.  

The name comes from Bella; a senior-aged Pitbull mix that Adam Rondeau adopted when she was only 5-years-old.  As Bella has aged, she has become a little more...chubby!  Hence the name Chubby Dog Coffee Co.!


Join us at the café, located at 164 Main Street on the other end of the downtown Putnam strip to enjoy all the fantastically delightful creations we're concocting, or order some beans online and we'll ship them to your house! It couldn't be more simple!  OH!  And follow/like us on the socials; @chubbydogcoffee




(The "Chubby Dog" namesake)

Chubby Dog Coffee Co. has this chunky little rescue Pitbull to thank for it's name and adorable logo!  Owner of Chubby Dog, Adam Rondeau, adopted Bella from the NECCOG Animal Shelter in Dayville when she was 5-years-old (although at the time had no idea about her age or back story)  They've been inseparable companions ever since, and Bella went from an awful, abusive life to living like a princess, as all dogs should!  Now she even has a coffee brand named after her!  What a rise to the top for Bella...


Adam Rondeau


Adam R Commission Chubby Dog CoffeeLogo

Ashlee Burke

Ugh...I don't even know why I'm doing these...I always hated doing these bio's.  So, I used to be a morning radio host but then I got fired because of Covid cutbacks, so I decided to settle down and have a real career like an adult! I love nerdy things; Star Wars, Power Rangers (the original ones, not that garbage out today), Marvel, video games (Xbox).  My buddy and I wrote a Superhero Parody Novel called Traffic Man (which you should check out)


Chubby Dog came much sooner in my life than I anticipated.  I planned on having a long, successful radio career and "retiring" into a coffee roastery...but radio is...radio, so here I am!  I've always wanted to own a coffee roaster/café, and now I do! Thanks for supporting my dream and hopefully you love my coffee! 

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Corey Stanley